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03-03-2015, 09:46 AM
Hi UU,

At long last I have managed to create the second part of my story, part one can be read in the new members forum under the title: Uk-Al-lele... Luthier in the making... Well it's something like that. I was so pleased with the response, it got about 118 reads and 8 replies; a good first forum return for the write up.

So here goes part two... I've been away from work now for about four months recovering from depression and anxiety... All is going well and at the heart of my recovery is the 'Uke' and the glorious chiming music it makes.

They say when you are recovering from depression that you need to have a focus and routine. Okay, so I'm guilty and have to confess that my routine became learning the strumming patterns to songs, then the melodies and now the chord melody style of playing. I just can't wait to become a better player.

Whilst one of my aspirations is to become a competent player, I wanted more than that; I yearned to be able make the instrument I was playing. So what did I do?

Hmm! so after lots of thinking I decided that I would teach myself mainly because of cost and because it was a great challenge. I had read an article about how people had great ambitions to climb Mount Everest and that they paid lots of money along with having to queue to get up the mountain. Well I never read about people queuing up to build ukes. The building project is great because it empowers you to develop new skills and a new sense of motivation which is essential in recovery from depression. You just get on with it.

I want to develop a ukelele club which uses the uke as a vehicle for helping people overcome the symptoms of depression. It would create a new community of ukers who feel reukergised if this word could be coined instead of reenergised.

So if there are any ukelele philanthropists in the ukelele universe who want to provide free training for myself or free Hosco soprano ukes kits for my Project Uke, then I would be extremely eternally grateful. Wouldn't it be so supportive if I could get a weeks tuition free at the International Ukelele School in North Wales and work under the expert guidance of master luthier Pete Howett. I'm saving like mad for this and will realise my goal of doing this soon, I'll just have to be patient.

What we get out of it is... Well as a community of helpers we know my luthier skills could be further developed through training and making another twenty Hosco soprano ukes. These ukes will then be used within the newly formed uke club.

I can't wait to get the project off the ground and whilst the idea has started, I will really be on the case from March 9th onwards.

I thank you for your time if you have read this, replied to it or contributed ideas or materials to my project. I will keep you posted as Project Uke further develops.

Uke long and Prosper...

Kind regards


03-03-2015, 12:07 PM
Good to hear you're on the mend. For me music was a vital part in overcoming a depression many years ago. But what are you asking? Do you want us to give you money so you can take a class with Pete Howlett? Sorry if I missed something obvious in your post.

03-03-2015, 12:47 PM
Wow Allan, that looks amazing! and glad to see you are finding a path to help you (with your recovery), that also opens new opportunities (both for healing and for lutherie).

Music is and always has been a catharsis for me too, and working with your hands can often 'free' your mind (but I am no luthier).

You have a great story here, and a very awesome start as evidenced by your first uke. I am excited to see your future ukes. Your work and story are both very inspiring to me.

Good luck in your quest. :)