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03-04-2015, 03:45 AM
Anybody know a good site to go to where ukers talk about vintage and collectable ukes? I used to get on Flea Market in the Collecters uke Yak but nothing happening there now.

03-04-2015, 03:57 AM
What do you want to talk about? I have a nice 1934 Martin style 0, it's not real pretty, but sounds amazing!

03-04-2015, 05:33 AM
I just like to read what is said about old ukes. I have learned a lot on the Flea Market site but now there are no new posts on it.

mm stan
03-04-2015, 05:40 AM
How about this beauty just aquired, it's a 50 s Gibson tenor :p..... I have a few

03-04-2015, 06:21 AM
Start your own group on UU

03-04-2015, 08:36 PM
You will enjoy this series on youtube.

03-04-2015, 09:12 PM
Chuck Fayne was in bad health, Jim Beloff did a call for successors but with nothing new there.

As said, start a thread here. I don't want to steer people away from this forum, but here are two other resources:

The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum (UMGF) has a section called 'Four String Farmhouse' which features discussions about vintage ukuleles (and occassionaly bass guitars, mandolins or tenor guitars, but mainly ukuleles). It's not VERY active (a few contributions per week, not per day) and focusses on the top of the line vintage ukes (Martin of course, but also Gibson, Lyon and Healy, LeDomino, sometimes an early hawaiian maker).

Jake Wildwood had a blog (not a forum) on which he discusses the vintage string instruments he repairs. A lot of them are ukuleles, he adds lots of them every day, takes great photographs and is knowledgeable. 'Antebelluminstruments' would get you there.

03-04-2015, 09:31 PM
Anybody know a good site to go to where ukers talk about vintage and collectable ukes? I used to get on Flea Market in the Collecters uke Yak but nothing happening there now.

What have you got OP?
My collection includes a favilla marca aquila (pre-1910), a 1950s ukalyka, an unknown Japanese-made mahogany soprano from the 50s-60s and a few 50s Plastic ukes.

03-04-2015, 10:33 PM
mm stan - great pic!

03-05-2015, 04:41 AM
Thanks for the YouTube link, spongeuke.

I have a 40's Silvertone, a 50's Harmony, a 60's Kay, and an unknown year and brand camp uke that is probably fifties.

Fowl, do you have any vintage ukes?

03-05-2015, 10:52 AM
I have a Regal soprano from the 30's and a made in Japan banjo uke from the 60's that looks and sounds good,no makers name. I just always enjoyed the Uke Yak on the Flea Market site and learned a lot. I do not have the money to be a serious collector but is entertaining to read and learn about all the old ukes. Thanks for the info on some other places I can look.

03-05-2015, 07:20 PM
Be sure to check out Jake at Antebellum Instruments if you're into vintage ukes. He does great work:

03-06-2015, 03:19 AM
I have a pretty nice collection of vintage Martins for a UK collector, though an imminent new arrival to our household means I might need to curb my spending for while! :-)
From left to right: Style 0 1940's, Style 2 1950's, Style 3 1922-23, Style 5K late 1920's/early 1930's, Style 3K late 1920's/early 1930's, Style 2 1940's and Style 0 1950's.

03-06-2015, 04:29 AM
I will add my 1920s LaFoley soprano to the meeting. I did start a LaFoley group in the Community section, but so far I am the only member...:(

03-06-2015, 04:14 PM
Current players:
WWII Martins:Joel Eckhaus modified Style 0, Style 2M, Style 3M, Style 1 C
Modified 1930s Regal Soprano, Rescued 1950 Regal concert
Johnny Marvin Tenor (Airplane bridge), Johnny Marvin Concert

More Martins
1921 Style 3M 1926 Style 1M 1923-26 Style 2M, 1948 Style 3M, 1950 Style 3M
1960s Kamaka Pineapple, 2007 Kepasa Josephine Tangi Violin shaped Soprano
Bushman Jenny, 1950s Gretch, 1930s SS Stewart, Northern JCD-1, Treholipee
Little River Walnut Tenor, Yasuma Baritone, Maruha Baritone, Vega Baritone
SS Stewart Banjo-uke, LaVenici Banjo-uke

Around 35 ukuleles waiting to be "rescued"