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Kevin Waldron
03-06-2015, 06:58 AM
Not trying to do something any appropriate...... so if this needs pulling do so.

Hello All.

We at Waldron Instruments, Inc. have decided to reduce what we do and possibly close forever. We have huge amounts of inventory and at the present will no longer make any parts, pieces etc. Our intent now is to sell acrylic templates, woods, and any current inventory through the web-site.

( The instrument business has not been the way that we made our living it has been a love. The business has not paid what we think it should, given the investment. My two sons have chosen to return to General Contracting our trade and I know longer have any skilled help excepting myself and some part-time help. My time is limited with my other ventures.....and I wish to pursue other interest. We don't have to sell anything as all inventory belongs to us and we don't need this money to live... )

We are willing to sell some of our inventory and other but only in blocks...... we will not consider sales that are of less value than $2,000...... sorry, don't have enough life time left to slowly sale parts and pieces. If you have something that you might be interested in you can contact us through our email........ kevin@waldroninstruments.com

We will be glad to help if we can...... this is not a fire sale and we have adequate space to keep all of our inventory of $750,000+ We would accept reasonable offers but it will be on a lot/block bases......... if we're going to give it away we'd just soon send it to a mission work that our Church supports and that may be what we do.



Moore Bettah Ukuleles
03-06-2015, 08:21 AM
and........what would you be selling exactly?

Kevin B
03-06-2015, 09:21 AM

The concert ukulele banjo neck you made me was top shelf all the way. The headstock template and fingerboard were great too. I hope the new direction of selling wood and templates once your current inventory is gone works well for you.

Kevin B, Florida

Kevin Waldron
03-06-2015, 09:31 AM
You can look at our web-site....... ( not trying to be smart....... but I can't begin to list what we have ..... attaching some photo's of some of our shops area's to give you a little better feel )

We have a lot more merchandise than posted on the web-stie....... for instance..... we probably only show 20 Indian Rosewood Guitar Sets...... but we probably have over a 150 more...... same kind of things with the ukulele parts, pieces and materials ....... Sorry, can't be more specific...... have in access of 200,000 bd ft of various lumbers....... many being furniture grade not necessarily instrument grade ..... probably have 400 3" x 3" x 24" and 36" squares of mahogany, walnut, cherry, ash and others..... several thousand feet of mahogany in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 12/4, 16/4 as an example...... but another example...... we probably have 25 shapers...... have 3 re-saws with 20 hp motors are larger just as an example....... we also have smaller tools as well............. My kids have been after me to thin some of what we have down for items that I'll never use in my life time...... a lot of it I'm the only one who knows the value.... I personally enjoy reproduction furniture building and don't intend to get rid of everything.......

Got something that you might want then ask...... not to many tools and materials we don't have...... not going to part with all of them..... be glad to answer any questions about volume and large dollar amounts........ again though not going to sell small amounts so don't ask me about one set of tuners are one set of back and sides....