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03-07-2015, 08:16 AM
I would like to think that a ukulele player is just borrowing the Daily Ukulele missing from the Road House coffee shop (community reading & strumming room) in Bodge Bay California. Jim has always kept there, a few (in tune) ukuleles over the years along with other musical instruments and many books.
Please restore the music room (Coffee Shop) to it's friendly and trusting vibe.

03-07-2015, 09:32 AM
I didn't take it.

03-07-2015, 01:07 PM
What a shame. Hopefully, someone mistakenly grabbed it and will bring it home.

03-07-2015, 09:17 PM
If it was intentional, I doubt that person is a member of UU, we don't do that kind of thing.

03-07-2015, 10:20 PM
What a great idea to have a community reading and strumming room, and kudos to Jim who provides and tends it. It sure would be a shame if it fell through because of instruments and books disappearing.