View Full Version : Box of Rosewood Up For Grabs

03-09-2015, 05:54 PM
Hey Folks- We processed a bunch of Indian Rosewood sets today and we were left with a box of cutoffs that I can't bear to end up in the wood stove. I would like to pass this box along to somebody who can use it. I'm not interested in making a bunch of money off it, but I hope somebody can make an offer that more than covers shipping. Or maybe we can trade.

14 of the pieces are square/rectangular in shape and range from 6"x6" to 8"x12"
These could be used for head plates, rosettes, maybe even a couple of soprano backs.

14 of the pieces are long rectangle-ish in shape and range from 1"x15" to 3"x24"
These could be fretboards, binding, end grafts, maybe even some soprano sides.

All of it is Indian Rosewood that we have reliably used at Mya-Moe. It is all rough sawn about 3/16 thick. Some of it has knots, cracks, or checks.

Please email info@thebeansprout.com, please don't message here. I want to ship the whole box to one person, not break up the box.