View Full Version : Looking for good baritone tuners

Patrick Madsen
03-13-2015, 08:10 AM
I'm having an archtop baritone made by Toby Chennell of Jazzboxukes being made in England. It'll be along the lines of a retro arch top perhaps art deco period.

I had the privilege of seeing and playing one of his tenors. I didn't like the shiny lacquer brass tuners with small buttons on it. He asked what I would prefer instead.

I will be looking but also would like input. They'll be the button type off the side tuners, not slot head or friction style. Perhaps preferred vintage style? Not so concerned about the price. Thanks.

03-13-2015, 11:24 PM
I have some new Gotoh318 in black or gold , or PEGHEDS in black or Chrome. The PEGHEDS are straight up and down. They are the lightest 4;1 geared tuners in the world. The shaft lengths are 19mm or 27.5 mm. The grips are 19 mm side to side and 17mm high. I have two baritones . The weight difference is quite noticeable between the two Gianinni baris. The 16:1 Gotohs are not my favorites.

Jim Hanks
03-14-2015, 05:46 PM
Didn't you hear that Gotoh UPTs should go on all ukes now? http://forum.ukuleleunderground.com/showthread.php?105575-Should-Gotoh-UPTs-be-on-all-ukes

Patrick Madsen
03-14-2015, 06:39 PM
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not fond of that style. I sent a few photos of the Hipshot Classic open gear tuners with the different tuner buttons I liked. Also the Schaller M6 with step buttons. I didn't realize how many different tuners there are.

03-14-2015, 08:10 PM
Both the Hipshot and the Schaller tuners look nice. How about Schertler? Although very unornamented, their oval base might suit the Art Deco style you mentioned.

Patrick Madsen
03-14-2015, 08:30 PM
Yeah, saw those. Not too bad. I liked the step buttons on the HS and their amber buttons.