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03-16-2015, 09:49 AM
Amahi C-220 Exotic Mahogany Concert Ukulele.

Not having a concert ukulele for a while, thought I'd add one to the stable. Had heard a few good things about Amahi (and Snail), so I thought it was worth a try. Am quite pleased with this new addition. The photos below are: 1) Amahi's stock C-220 website photo and 2) the C-220 which was delivered today.

The C-220 arrived by UPS today, coming from Amahi's "factory store" in Cincinnati, Ohio (antonioviolin.com). Ordered it online on a weekend night, chatted with very friendly customer service folk during the week who verbally (as well as email) gave me the UPS tracking number. The price was almost too low to print.

As far as the instrument is concerned, here's a quick review based on four hours of ownership and two hours of play:

Strings - It comes with high-G Aquilas. I like my stringed instruments on the bassy side, so replaced the GC with a spare (slightly used) low-C and low-G I had in my parts/tool bag, detuned the E to D, left the A as-is, resulting in CGDA tuning.

Form, Fit and Function - According to my chromo-tuner, the intonation is okay. Could not find any physical problems at all - very clean! It's solid, no appearance errors and just feels good overall. The neck is comfortable and smooth. Whoever set it up did a decent job, so my rounded-edged files remained in the parts/tool bag unused.

Sound - I'm pleased! I like a bassier sound than most folk who play ukulele, and the C-220 responded very well. Below is a sound sample I just did (should not have used a thin pick, so disregard the pick clicks).


Bottom Line - No "buyer's remorse" at all. The total buying experience and the product itself has made me glad I gave Amahi a shot - and will do it again. The ukulele is definitely better than others I have had at far greater prices. If this C-220 is representative of the Amahi line, the company has made me a convert.

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