View Full Version : A Card, a Coin, a Dollar and a Dream (original)

03-17-2015, 05:17 PM

In December, I was at my monthly open mic when a teenage magician did a card trick involving a coin, a dollar, and a dream in the process of identifying the card. I told the friends I was sitting with that there was a song in that somewhere. So they told me to go write it, and play it there at the next open mic. This is what I came up with. I go back and forth over whether I should keep the bridge in the song. The main chord here is Em(add 11) - 2432.

By the way, the thing with the hawk and the sparrows happens at my office every now and then.


I came into town on a whim
Riding the day's last sunlight beam
And all I had was a card, a coin,
A dollar and a dream

I didn't know a soul in the place
I came in sight unseen
But all I need is a card, a coin,
A dollar and a dream

When the hawk swoops down at the bush
The sparrows jump up in fright
And fly head-on into the windows
Of the building right beside

A clever hawk is not one to waste
That bounty lying there
Those tender birds all ripe for the taking
You've got to grab your share

If I can get you to look over there
When you should be looking here
There's no end to what
I might make disappear

Come up to the stage for a closer inspection
Meet my assistant, Miss Direction
One thing you can take from me:
There's more going on than what you see

'Cause I can get you to look where I want
In your eagerness to believe
And then you're never gonna see that ace
Come sliding down my sleeve

So watch the show till I take my leave
And what I'll have when I go
Is a card, a coin, a couple of hearts
And everyone else's dough