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03-17-2015, 05:56 PM
For sale is a Pono MPTSH tenor uke. This is a very popular discontinued model. It has solid maple back & sides, solid spruce top, slotted headstock, ebony body binding/fretboard binding/headstock faceplate/fretboard/bridge/and back, neck, end graft stripes, Pono passive pickup, and abalone rosette.

These particular models were made before Pono offered radiused fretboards, so this uke does not have a radiused fretboard. The original owner bought this uke from H.M.S. which means that it has the best setup and plays like buttah!

I am the 2nd owner of this uke. The original owner was a heavy strummer, so there are scratches and strum marks on the top of the sound board. These do not compromise the integrity of the top whatsoever.

It is currently strung with Savarez Custom Customer Concoction | Craig Brandau Low G Uke Set and comes with a Ko'olau hard shell case. The uke sounds great and is well balanced across all strings with great clarity. I am selling to downsize my collection. Here's a chance to snag a very popular discontinued Pono model that you rarely see for resale.

Asking $500 + Shipping Paypal.


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