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03-21-2015, 12:31 PM
Hi all, really wasn't sure where to post this thread, the marketplace seems the most appropriate but I think it may be also suited to the luthiers lounge.
Basically, as I stated in another thread I had to reluctantly part with my ukuleles due to some financial hardship, but had lots of tools and a few bits of wood and hoped to build my own eventually.
Due to a change of job it's now becoming apparent that time is going to be an issue so I have reluctantly decided to part with the building stuff, with the hope of raising enough funds to buy myself a ukulele. I really can not be bothered with listing everything separately on the usual auction site so would prefer to sell as one lot, hopefully there's someone out there looking to start building and this lot will get you well on the way.
Everything is unused, apart from the LMI circle cutter which I have tested once. If you add this lot up to what I paid its well over a thousand.
I'm asking for 600?
Get in touch if you're at all interested. I would happily consider a trade for a nice ukulele. Its been tough not having one!
I will add pics asap, just wanted to get an idea if its possible to shift everything in one go. Collection from Hull UK is easiest but I could send in a couple of parcels within the UK.

Here's the (long) list.

Japanese block plane and spare blade.
Japanese smoothing plane and spare blade.
Veritas small scraping plane and spare blade.
Veritas miniature block plane and spare blade.
Little Victor plane and spare blade.

Veritas miniature spoke shave and spare blade.

Japanese rip saw and spare blade.
Japanese crosscut saw and spare blade.
Japanese coping saw and blades.
Pax guitar saw.
Japanese saw roll.

Narex chisels x 4.
Narex paring chisel.
Chisel hammer.

2 round Microplanes.
Stanley surform.
Faithfull flat rasp file.

Connell of York suede chisel roll.
Connell of York suede tool bag.

LMI soundhole/rosette cutter and 2 spare blades.

2 x soprano ukulele moulds and spreaders bought from Blues creek guitars.

10 Klemmsia cam clamps.
4 Irwin quick clamps.
4 small Irwin spring clamps.

Stewmac fret rocker.
Stewmac needle file set x 2.
Stewmac fret levelling file.
Stewmac fretboard template for soprano/concert.
2 small fret hammers.
Knipex cutters for frets.
Small wooden miter box.

2 x Sabatier marking knives (left/right).

Aside from the tools, I have the following bits of wood etc I can give you if you're interested.

24 pieces of Stewmac 764 fretwire.
24 pieces of Utile kerfed lining.

3 x rosewood soprano fretboard blanks.
Poplar soprano neck blank.
Khaya soprano neck blank.
Purpleheart suitable for a soprano top, back, sides.
London plane for a soprano top, back, sides.
Walnut for a soprano top, back, sides.
A few small bits of walnut maybe for headplates etc.
Bag of various neck/tail blocks, ebony blocks, bridge blanks.
Corian blocks suitable for nuts, saddles etc.
Bag of neck bolts for bolt on necks.

Thanks for taking the time to trawl through this thread!


03-21-2015, 01:38 PM
PM sent to you!