View Full Version : Uke Journey 3-07-2009 San Diego

03-07-2009, 06:20 PM
After our adventure out to Giocoletties (Sorry if I spelled it wrong), Guitar Trader and Freedom Guitars. I've come to a decision that I want my 2nd uke to be electric as well. We played a couple of ukes at Gio's using a those new Rolands Micro Cube. We tryed the KALA Tenor with F-holes which was awesome, Fender Solid Mahogany with p/u, and a couple of other KALA and OHANA kine ukes. And after experiencing the cool effects that the amp had, I was so amazed and overwhelmed by how it sounded. It was my 2nd time playing with an amp, but my first time with an amp with the capabilities it had. Well we then journyed down to Guitar Trader and finally ended our Journey at Freedom Guitars where my brohamzkies(VLADIMIR) purchased his first uke (KALA KA-ASMT). I loved the details of the uke and the feel of the neck as well. The turtle shell binding is what really makes it look good along with the pegs as well. It comes with Aquilla strings and after experiencing playing it, my opinion...it felt so comfortable playing it and wanted to purchase the 2nd one they had, but it would be kinda tacky having a same uke that one of da boyz has! So after surfing the web and not being able to get the Applause Tenor I think I'm gonna get the KALA KA-ASMTEC off of ebay which comes with a hardshell padded case, aquilla strings and free shipping within the U.S. all for $297.96 which is cheap! :shaka:

03-08-2009, 03:54 PM
It's official...I just got done purchasing it so hopefully I get it sometime this coming week, hopefully before next weekend. Now I just have to go to Gio's and pick up da Roland Micro Cube amp! I'm so stoked right now on getting my 2nd uke! My family is beggining to grow..lol!