View Full Version : Moon River (Ukulele solo)

03-25-2015, 08:38 PM
Played on a French Motu ukulele...


03-25-2015, 10:24 PM
It's so great to see you here -- love your playing so much! That's one beautiful looking and sounding ukulele, too! Thank you for sharing this with us! :-)

03-26-2015, 01:52 AM
That's one beautiful looking and sounding ukulele, too!
But a very special one.
I don't regret buying the Motu, but I cannot recommend it easily to everyone.
If you want to use it for banjo-like fingerpickings it is fine. Pretty silent, but really fine. Instead of fingerpicking I can also do great sounding flatpickings.
But for everything else it is close to unusable.
Another downpoint are the frets: it stops at 12, not really unusual for a soprano, but there is so much space left on the neck for easily 6 more frets, probably more. Really a shame that it just has 12 frets..
On the plus side of course are the size (small!), weight (light!) and the special and unique look. The soundhole on the back is interesting, can't tell if it is good or bad.
I bought it used, the previous owner could not use it since he could not attach a pin for a strap on it, you might also consider this on the minus side. Not for me though, I play strapless ;)

So if someone is interested in such a Motu: Try before buy!

Hippie Dribble
03-26-2015, 11:36 AM
Very sweet brother. Many thanks for the continued inspiration you give to the uke community.