View Full Version : Pahulele Kickstarter Project only 49 hours to go and about $2k needed

Uncle Rod Higuchi
04-03-2015, 10:12 AM
just got an email from Reid Shigemura:

There is only 2 days left for my pahulele kickstarter! We are getting close but still in jeopardy of not getting funded if the goal is not met. I need another $2,000 in pledges if I am to get funded. If you have any ideas or can reach out to anyone else who may be interested in pledging or sharing, I would greatly appreciate it! Right now I have pahulele.com forwarding directly to the kickstarter page. That makes it easy for me to tell people where they can go to check it out.

I just joined the Project at the $125 level for a Soprano Pahulele :)

If you're interested, please check out "Pahulele.com", and more importantly, please donate if you're so inclined :)

keep uke'in',