View Full Version : Any Trade Interest for a Couple of My Higher End Tenors?

04-14-2015, 10:08 AM
Hello UU Members,
I have a semi custom Kamaka tenor; Spruce top; Koa b/s; ebony fretboard, bridge and head plate; and a Kamaka factory installed pick-up- or I also have a Koolau custom 100-SP tenor with upgrade woods of walnut b/s, head plate, figured Redwood top; Ebony pin bridge and fretboard; Koa top binding and a rope design also on top; blue abalone around sound hole; and a MISI pick-up for trade for either a trade for soprano or concert of equal value or the right Kiwaya tenor of equal value, or any other you may think I would have an interest in. Either uke you would be hard pressed to find a mark.
If there is an interest, email what you have in mind at dwsum at yahoo.com and I will send you pictures of the one you may be interested in or if your in the Dallas, TX area we can arrange for you to check out in person. Thanks for looking.

04-22-2015, 11:56 AM
Realizing it's unlikely (or you would have mentioned it), does the Ko'olau 100-SP tenor have a radius fretboard---if it's still available. Even if it doesn't, might you be interested in selling it instead of a trade? If so, can you send some pictures, and do you have a price in mind? Many thanks. Mike