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04-22-2015, 03:24 PM
Just a safety reminder for everyone. Today in the shop I had a plastic bottle of Lamp Oil leap to its death from the top shelf onto a workbench. It split wide open with most of its contents taking out four sets of dulcimer sides and fret-boards (3 oak and 1 purple heart). Luckily no open flames or hot bending iron in use. On the plus side it really brings out the figure in the wood and my workbench looks pretty spiffy now. SO next trip out to your shop make sure that you take down all the bottles, cans and jars of stuff that have migrated to unsafe locations and store them correctly. Also if you donít have a metal rag bin you should get one.

04-22-2015, 03:38 PM
Hmmm, yep, there's quite a lot of old plastic bottles and tins with faded and torn labels in the workshop that I'll have to check out one of these days. You tend to take the top off and have a quick whiff, which is not always a good idea either, and of course they are all on the higher shelves as you say, out of reach of the grand children. But then you need to know what they are because you can't just throw them in the rubbish bin. It's a challenge.

04-22-2015, 08:27 PM
While thinking some more about the little accident in my shop area this afternoon I thought I should put together a little list of typical things found around the home and shop that shouldn't be stored together. You will note that various forms of chlorine bleach are a common denominator. Chlorine bleach is not a bad thing in itself, in fact there are two inventions that have probably saved more lives world wide than all the advances in medicine combined; bleach and window screens. Bleach starts out as salt water add a little, ok a lot of electricity and you get chlorine gas (really nasty stuff). Fool with it a little more to get the gas disolved into water and you have chlorine bleach, really useful stuff. Leave it sitting around too long and you're back to square one with salt water.

The problems come when you mix bleach with other stuff you might find around the house, usually all jumbled together under the sink. You do not want to ever mix chlorine bleach with any of the following products, either deliberately or as the bottles get knocked over and seep together in little pools under the sink. Really bad things can happen.

Chlorine bleach and ammonia
Chlorine bleach and toilet bowel cleaners
Chlorine bleach and vinegar or any other acid
Chlorine Bleach and Isopropyl Alcohol
Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar

Most powdered detergents not only contain bleach but can get very hot when exposed to small amounts of moisture.

Speaking of getting hot;
Pool Shock (Calcium Hypochlorite) and brake fluid - whoosh bang big flames.
I would also avoid disposing of aluminum powder, rusty steel wool pads and varnish rags in the same container. ;)