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04-24-2015, 08:59 PM
Ha! I feel like an idiot. I got a new D'addario NS micro-clip on tuner and could not, for the life of me, get a good reading on it. I tried my Snark to make sure I was in tune, then tried the D'addario. But I could never read it clearly. I could see it try to light up... so I thought maybe the batteries were bad (but it's brand new).... well lo and behold, there was a dark sticker on the face of the read-out which was obscuring the letters! It had a little hanger-on tag that extended off the side but I didn't notice it. Derp.
Showing with the black sticker "on" - that little tag is not very visible even from this poor shaky picture78853
Sticker removed! Stuck on the latch-post for reference:
Works good!78855
On my new Bruko no. 6 from ukegirl78856
Bruko no. 6 78857
That said, with the little ratchet thing, it's obviously not as easy to take on/off as a Snark is. So this will probably be dedicated to the new Bruko no. 6. (which sounds much better with Worth Clear CM's vs. the crappy Pyramids it came with).

04-24-2015, 09:19 PM
Guess what? You aren't the first to do this. :rofl:

04-25-2015, 05:23 AM
Don't be too hard on yourself. First time with one of those it took me forever to figure out how to flip the display 180 degrees before I saw the button on top dedicated for that function that is labeled with the two arrows chasing each other in a circle.

Once in a while Amazon has the 2-pack of these on sale for $20, and when I see it, I grab it since I have quite a few ukes now. Much easier to just leave the tuner on. I also have a SuperFly clip-on tuner (Strings and Beyond - $7.99) and a Kala clip-on tuner (HMS - $9.99) for the instruments that do not yet have one of these NS Micro tuners.

I find the NS-Micro to be pretty accurate when compared to other tuners, and compared to the iOS app instuner.

The only trouble is with tuning a bass or a U-bass as it seems to be slow and have trouble with recognizing lower frequencies, but with the uke it's great!

04-25-2015, 08:29 AM
Booli - Iv'e had trouble with other tuners recognizing the low strings on Guitar and base also. I found this one for $15 that recognizes them instantly. Has dedicated Uke, Bass, Guitar, couple others and chromatic.