View Full Version : "What's New?" tab

04-25-2015, 05:24 PM
Just wondering if you all do like I do when you log in... which is just go directly to the "What's New" tab in the upper-left corner. Then scroll through the topics there. Lately though, it seems like whenever I log in at night (8:23pm Pacific time US now) that there are almost no "new" posts. Currently there are only 5 new posts.
Does it reset at a certain time of the day?
Just curious.

04-25-2015, 05:30 PM
I go to the "New Posts" link in the row just below "What's New" - similar idea, and things have been a little slow there lately, especially weekend nights. My theory - and this is just a guess - is that even though membership is international, the majority of posts are made from the U.S. during the work week (bored at work, anybody??)... I've noticed if I check New Posts on a Saturday morning and then again that evening, there's often not a whole lot of new posts.

04-25-2015, 07:49 PM
I go to Uke Talk first, then I go to What's New, then I go to Bass, but I know I could just go to What's New.