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04-27-2015, 03:32 PM
Hey UU, new guy here with hopes that you guys can help me with what seems to be a hot signal chain when using the Venue as a DI.

I bought a used model for my daughter (she's the player, I'm the supplier :D) who plays at live events around town with her ukulele school. The first time she used it her teacher and I manned the mixing board...I don't have much experience so the problem I assumed was me. Her signal was so strong I almost had her gain at "0" on the mixer, and at the same time I turned down the gain on the Venue to solid green bars. Her volume through the PA was still loud. Instead of opting to use another DI and not the Venue we set the other players line level to hers. This past Friday she had a sound check with a professional crew for another event and the same problem occurred. He had her turn down the gain on the Venue to a solid green. Still hot. I told my daughter to also turn down her volume pod for the Five.O pickup, he heard that and said "oh she has an active pickup...she shouldn't be using an active pickup with a preamp." Is this true? When she first got the Venue she hooked it up to her Loudbox mini and it sounded great! No overdriving the amp. Kinda lost here...

Brad Bordessa
04-27-2015, 04:22 PM
Active into a preamp shouldn't be a problem. I do it all the time. So does everybody.

Is she using the XLR DI out or the 1/4" jack output? The volume knob controls the 1/4" output, but not the XLR. Gain controls both. I have a LR Baggs 5-0. Full blast I usually set the gain on the Venue to 10-11 o'clock. That get's the indicator into the yellow when I play very hard. According to the booklet that's how you're supposed to set it. Is the boost switch on? New batteries in both the DI and pickup? Can't think of anything else at the moment, but if you've got more details I'll rack my brain. Seems like it should be a very fixable problem.

04-27-2015, 05:08 PM
The first instance she was plugged in and the second time she used a battery. The battery was fresh and the indicator showed a full charge. She used the xlr out and just like your setting her gain on the venue is set to 10-11 o'clock, but at that setting she gets a solid yellow. No boost on, 5.O set to 75%. Playing through the Loudbox mini sounds really good.

I'm going to try and test it out at my brother-in-law's church PA system to see how the current EQ settings sounds through his PA. Possibly the sound guy was hearing the C-E string too strong.

Brad Bordessa
04-27-2015, 08:03 PM
I'd say the solid yellow is overkill. Red is clipping, yellow is getting close. Every pickup install is going to be different so she might have more gain coming out of the uke. Maybe back the gain on the Venue off some more? The DI out level is set to 0db. That's a pretty juiced up signal. But it should be manageable at the board, for sure. If I get a chance maybe I'll set up my gear and test it into my PA system (don't think I have yet).