View Full Version : Any six-string players here?

05-03-2015, 01:02 AM
My main 'uke now is a Kala KA-6 six-string tenor, factory-strung as G4, C4-C3, E4, A4-A3. That means it's high-G, the C doubled an octave up, and the A doubled an octave lower. In each double-string course, the lower-octave string is on top. I found it impossible to hear the high A!

First thing I did was restring the first course with the high A on top. By fingerpicking near the bridge, I can bring out the highest notes. I'm developing a thick callous on my index fingertip and am learning to pluck bass lines with it. I think I'll flip the C strings too, so finger plucks will hit high notes on C-E-A and thumb strums will hit the lower C.

Okay, it's just a tenor 'uke, tuned CGEA like any other, but I'm having to develop new right-hand techniques, and I find that chords sound rather different than on a 4-string 'uke or guitar. I'll detail my AIN'T SHE SWEET adaptation in another post.

Who else here plays such a 6-string? What are your tricks, problems, fixes, specialties, etc? Should we start a Six-String group?