View Full Version : For Trade (FT) in the San Francisco Bay Area: Kamaka Concert (2004)

05-12-2015, 02:56 PM
Hi folks! Since I got my tenor ukulele from the Marketplace forum here (thanks WhenDogsSing, for the Matsui!), I've been playing it a lot. I played my Kamaka concert uke (made in 2004) and the scale seems too small for me now, especially for fingerstyle. So I was just wondering, if someone in the San Francisco Bay Area was thinking of trading their tenor uke for a concert? SF Bay Area, please, so we can play each other's ukes before making a trade.

I would be open to a Kanile'a, Koaloha, Collings, Mya Moe, or other makers. I can put additional cash as part of the trade, and/or throw in my 2004 Kamaka pineapple (I'm trading the concert first, because I'm more sentimentally attached to the pineapple; but for the right trade...)

I'd be happy to take pictures and put them up, but first I wanted to see if anyone's even remotely interested :) The Kamaka concert is in great condition. I am the first and only owner, I bought it new from a local music store. Thanks!

05-12-2015, 03:55 PM
I have a Kanilea concert http://www.elderly.com/items/180U-1514.htm Frets have been leveled and action raised (bit high for me) great for finger picking. But...I won't be in the SF Bay area till next month this time.