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03-11-2009, 12:08 PM

With the quest for either an electric finger stretcher or a sopranino with a very small size scale, I have decided on the Tangi Manini at a whopping 11 & 3/4th(possibly 7/8th) inch scale.

Why no Tangi love? :( no worries, a quick fix! I present to you the Tangi Tribe:

All 3 of us(:rofl:) will not be left out in the cold any longer, come on in and join.

I hear the owner is going through a lot with his family right now, tough times, so to him

03-11-2009, 05:17 PM
Tangi holds a special place in my heart since my first ukes were Tangis. A koa soprano and a mahogany soprano. I learned on the mahogany soprano, watching Aldrine's Iamhawaii lessons. My Tangis dont get much loving anymore...since the UAS has been strong...and the stable has grown. But I love my Tangis. They're good handmade ukes.

But yeah, Tangi is having some problems now. Check out this craigslist post by him today. There are some deals to be had with his ukes. He was selling SOLID handmade Mahogany tenors, brand new, a few months ago when his shop was closing. The price? I don't want to say specifics on record, because it was so low. But I'll say that it was about the price of the most basic laminate Kala Concert uke. And it was low enough that if I bought them all and resold them, I could probably have made a decent profit.

Anyway, the aforementioned CL post is below. Maybe someone could work out a deal with him, esp if you're on the island, and maybe even if you're on the mainland, he takes credit card. Best of luck to him.