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06-01-2015, 07:10 AM

I am selling my Mya-Moe master grade koa concert because I just bought an electric bike and can use the money to help fund the bike.

I bought this instrument from Mya-Moe 2 years ago. I have hardly played the instrument. It is in as-new condition, no issues of any kind, cosmetic or structural. The serial number is 1095. Here is a link to the Mya-Moe Uke Tracker page for this instrument:


Includes the hard shell case and an Oasis and a Herco humidifier.

The instrument is currently strung with Seaquar clear fluorocarbon strings and a wound low G.

It is equipped with a K&K twin spot passive pickup.

I am asking $1100 which will include shipping within the CONUS. I am using USPS because UPS just increased their rates and are no longer competitive.

I prefer and accept PayPal.

Thanks for looking...!!!


06-01-2015, 07:13 AM
Nice Uke ... good luck with the sale.

I have received and shipped Ukuleles via Canada Post with USPS and have to say they were excellent experiences. The tracking systems with both corporations is excellent, and if a Uke is shipped from USA to Canada they work seamlessly and with a MUCH LOWER brokerage fee for handling shipments coming into Canada than FEDEx or UPS.

06-06-2015, 02:49 AM
Price has been reduced to $1100 which will include shipping within CONUS.

06-11-2015, 08:09 AM
A UU member made me an offer which I accepted but I haven't heard back from them so...Anybody else want to make an offer?

06-11-2015, 11:32 AM
Sale pending.

06-12-2015, 08:54 AM
This instrument is sold.