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06-14-2015, 09:04 AM
thought strings didn't make a difference I'm totally over it now. I just restrung my moku spruce top tenor with some D'Addario Nylon strings that someone sent me. Wow do they make that Moku sound like a piece of junk (which it isn't). I'll be restringing of course. In the early days I was unconvinced that strings would or could make much difference in a uke sound. Boy was I dead wrong on that one. Now I'm sure.

Just to be clear I'm neither knocking the string company or the uke. It's just that a string set seems to be able to make a very large difference in how some ukuleles sound. It's been a process for me to fully grok that. On another uke they could be stellar. Which of course adds another dimension to USAS. :p

06-14-2015, 09:23 AM
Oh and btw, if anyone owns this uke what strings are you happy about? It's one I plan to sell at some point and I want it to sound pretty.

06-14-2015, 10:52 AM
What did you have on it before the D'Addarios?

I'm not familiar with Moku, but have you tried fluorocarbons on it yet?

06-14-2015, 11:49 AM
They were Worth Browns. My friend commented when I played the same song for her on 6 different ukes she said I ought to sell the Moku. I hadn't played it in a long while due to the fact that I really don't like such a imo super thin neck. When I played it I remembered it sounding better but I don't remember what the originals were. So I thought a string change might bring it back up to snuff. I think I'll have to try Oasis or even Aquila. It's a well made mid range cost spruce top solid. I've never really liked any spruce I've ever played. Anyway I know this can sound better and I'd like to get back there if I can. It's new and hardly been played. I just don't like such a thin neck. Oh and it's a thin body uke too and really nice on the eye.