View Full Version : FS: Martin S2 Mahogany Soprano

06-17-2015, 03:35 PM

Here's another great ukulele for sale...so many listed right now....very tempting!

I purchased this a bit ago and got a great deal and thought I'd pass it on. I really really really don't need it but wanted to try it out. It's in terrific condition. I can't see any marks on it. Includes original Martin gig bag pictured and information pamphlet. Great setup...easy player, no buzzing and good intonation.

I also have an S1 (Mexico version). In comparison, the S2:
- looks better (nicer mahogany)
- is lighter in weight
- is louder
- better note separation
- fuller sound
- looks like it has an ebony nut and saddle compared to white (plastic?) on the S1.

I've got 4 sopranos right now and the S1 is my low G travel/go anywhere uke that's not worth much in comparison so I thought I'd keep it.

Fire away with any questions...Currently strung with LW strings. Asking $650 Paypal (gift preferred) and $15 USPS shipped anywhere in the US.