View Full Version : Kiwaya KS-1 vs KS-5

06-23-2015, 04:46 AM
I think there's been a few threads like this already comparing the two but I've been looking for a lightweight soprano that is laminate. In the videos on HMS, the two instruments sound pretty different:


I like the mahogany / matte look of the KS-1 a bit more than the gold tuners / gloss on the KS-5. To my ears the KS-5 in the video sounds better, but maybe that's just because I like the song that's being played more.

If you've played the KS-1 or KS-5, do you think those clips sound accurate? What would you recommend?

edit: I got the following email from Kiwaya that described the differences:

As you know, this two models has a different tonewood.
If the tonewood is different, it gives you a different tone. KS-5 sounds more crispy and louder than KS-1. KS-1 has more mellow sound.

Also, there are difference on finger board, bracing and finish. KS-1 was designed for beginners with low price. Therefore, the back bracing has been removed, and the finishing process is less than KS-5.(KS series has a little round back body. It has enough strength to keep good condition of ukulele if you use properly) It also has walnut finger board. (KS-5 has rosewood finger board)

Every difference effects the tone and the viberation of ukulele. If you wish for louder sound, KS-5 should be the one. Or if you wish to save money, I think you can still satisfy with the quality of KS-1.


Tatsuki Mori
KIWAYA Musical Instruments Co.,LTD.