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07-10-2015, 02:02 AM
I was given this ukulele banjo by an elderly friend of mine who has had it for a very long time.


Although it has Keech on the headstock and serial numbers etc I haven't seen one with this body. The neck fits perfectly to the rim and doesn't show signs of being built from "bits and bobs".
Can anyone offer any details?
Needs some work but sounds nice.

07-10-2015, 02:07 AM
Sweet! plaofjeapkja[[fjas

12-03-2015, 03:39 AM
I've sent you a PM as I have just acquired one of these from a skip! Mine differs slightly in that there are holes to reach 3 small screws to attach vellum holder to the body. Also machine heads are facing to the rear.86033

12-03-2015, 05:21 AM
There are some details in these pictures that look decidedly odd. The maple neck would appear to have been replaced. There is no discoloration from use or age. Similarly the resonator/mounting ring for the head shows little or no sign of corrosion. These are not problems especially if the instrument plays well. It looks to me like the axe is a family heirloom with the blade replaced 4 times and the handle six times.