View Full Version : WTB - Kiwaya Artist kts-7 or Martin S3 new style or old model, Gibson, Glyph etc

mark howard
07-12-2015, 03:17 AM
Hi all,

i am looking for a top notch soprano good budget in hand i'm UK based so anyone in UK or Europe across the water please let me know if you have something gathering dust, I know, long shot.... list below, also would consider the right concert size.

Martin S3, new or vintage
Kiwaya KTS-7
Gibson vintage
Glyph etc.

you get the picture:drool:

thanks Mark

07-12-2015, 05:17 AM
Hi Mark,

I have modern Martin 3m (Nazareth made) in superb condition. I was thinking twice of selling it but could let it go at the right price. Here's the original thread:



07-12-2015, 12:15 PM
There's a KTS-7 for sale in the UK on Andy Eastwood's site (http://www.andyeastwood.com/ukulelemarket.htm).

mark howard
07-13-2015, 07:45 PM
Thanks Lesley, I have been sending emails with no reply for quite a few days to Andys market place, I have now found a lovely Martin uke.

all the best Mark