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Heidi Litke
12-15-2007, 06:25 PM
Hello Everyone,
I am Heidi, Director of the Denver Ukulele Orchestra (http://www.denverukuleleorchestra.com). We play old time songs for retirement communities, hospitals, and well anywhere that needs some cheer. We have been together about 3 years now and are having a great time.

I wanted to let everyone know about the Colorado Ukulele Festival, February 9th,2008. You can find out more at (http://www.swallowhill.com/). There is going to be about 10 workshops during the day and evening concerts. Bean Sprout Banjo Ukulele Company will be there (http://www.thebeansprout.com). and also Palm Tree Ukuleles (http://www.palmtreeukuleles.com/).

If anyone is going let us now and maybe we can hook up.

Thanks for the new forum


Aldrine Guerrero
12-15-2007, 06:40 PM
Hello! There's a thread on saying hi to peeps.

Welcome to the forum. Check back often to see our updates and stay tuned for our big launch soon.

I would love to check out the festival but I live too far away here on Kauai, Hawaii. But I one day dream of checking out all the uke events on the mainland and reporting back for the website :D