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07-24-2015, 08:04 AM
I wanted to keep a back-up set of inexpensive strings in the case, what brand is recommended? What online sites are recommended, ideally free shipping?
I just use the ukulele more as a demo for my Aloha Tuners (http://www.alohatuners.com) business, so I'm not really playing the ukulele much.

(I'm a professional violinist so I understand the concept of having back-up strings and how to change them-- just don't know brands/places to buy for ukes)

Thank you for your input!

07-24-2015, 08:17 AM
It might help if you told us what uke they're for.

You can find Martin M600 Soprano/Concert strings on ebay for $4.99 shipped. That's about as cheap as I can think of.

07-24-2015, 09:46 AM
I've never seen a ukulele string break. As they wear out, they need more tuning, and sometimes worn-out strings exacerbate intonation issues. Still, I've never seen one break, so not much need for spares.

Uke strings wear out slowly. If you're not playing your uke much, you might not need new strings for years. Still, my favorite inexpensive options are Martin strings (clear, more tension and sustain, bright) and GHS strings (black, less tension and sustain, mellow).

07-24-2015, 12:49 PM
The only string I've ever seen break was one of my Aquila Reds. Right in the case. I love em, but no more Reds for me. I'd love to try a set of GHS next, that's what Craig and Sarah use.

08-28-2015, 11:28 AM
Oh right, sorry! It's for a concert ukulele. (I'm so used to violin strings, which are made of wound metal and break and rust often and cost $50-80 a set!)
Thank you for the input!

08-28-2015, 11:36 AM
Musicians friend is cheap, but they don't have a great selection. you can buy pro arte classical D strings for $1.99 shipped to use as a wound low G. the GHS tenor set with wound C is only $3.19 shipped. I combined this set with a low G from another set and I'm really liking the 2 wound basses.

08-28-2015, 05:28 PM
martin m600s are a good basic set of strings to keep as backup. I personally like oasis a bit better since they are thicker and its 2 sets of strings. I may try booli's fave martin m620s since they are thicker which I prefer for picking.

08-31-2015, 01:21 AM
I'd try to stock a set similar to the ones you currently have on your ukulele. Thus you won't be completely surprised once you change them (different feel, different sound).

The Big Kahuna
08-31-2015, 03:02 AM
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