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07-25-2015, 10:12 AM
Hey all,

I created a chord and scale generator for ukulele and I thought this may be useful to some of my fellow ukulele players!

For example, here are the inversions of Gm7 (https://gravitymusicschool.com/bazzle/Gm7/chord-with-inversions/ukulele) but you can essentially look up any chord that you can name.

Here's the chord dictionary (https://gravitymusicschool.com/chord-dictionary/Ukulele/C).
And here's the scale dictionary (https://gravitymusicschool.com/scale-dictionary/Ukulele/C).

Is there anything missing? Is there anything else you'd like to see?

Happy playing!

07-25-2015, 01:06 PM
From my sampling, I found no root-omitted forms for extended chords like X9 (e.g. n:0201), X6/9 (e.g. n:0011) and X7b9 (n:0101), despite them being quite common in practice, probably even more common than their root-gifted counterparts. This is a serious flaw: too many tools intended to be helpful make the crippling assumption that the root must be played when in fact it is often the least needed component, and thus they deprive users of variants that frequently are the most strongly-colored and the simplest to play.

That's a great insight. It actually wouldn't be too hard for me to add support for this but I have a music theory question: what would you name these chords? For instance take the chord 0201. It can't actually be rightly called a 9, correct? What would you call it?