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07-27-2015, 11:42 AM
Iím still a beginning ukulele player, but I thought Iíd give the Disney book a try. All the songs sounded great when I played them on the piano so I expected them to sound similar on the ukulele, but Iím having trouble with notes that are below the staff (and would be ďleft handĒ notes on the piano). If I play them on the C-string, they donít seem to go with the rest of the song because theyíre so much lower, but if I try to play them on the A-string then I canít do the rest of the higher notes. I tried moving it to the G-string, and that made it a little better, but somewhere in there I ran into trouble again. Unless I just play the whole thing on the C-string? Originally I was doing the E-G notes on the E-string and the A-C notes on the A-string, and trying to figure out which string to use for the lower notes. You would think that the strings would go in order from highest to lowest so you could use the G-string, but the G-string sounds higher than the C-string (and itís in tune). Then I thought maybe the book isnít for soprano ukuleles so I went back on Amazon to read the reviews and no one said which type of ukulele they have, but a lot said they were beginners and/or it was for children so Iím assuming at least a few of them were using a soprano one. This has been driving me nuts all weekend because I can play pieces of songs and have them sound nice, but I canít play the whole thing! Hereís a picture of the first song I was trying to play. I think if I can figure out which string to use for that one then I can figure out the other songs too since they have a lot of the same notes. Which string would you play these notes on? Thank you for your help!

07-27-2015, 01:05 PM
Looks to me like a low G string would solve your problem and put all the notes in range.

07-27-2015, 05:23 PM
The answer to your question is books like these are meant to strum the chords and sing the melody line. However you could still play the melody with a low g if there are aren't any notes lower than the g below two ledger lines. I have had students that had this same problem with uke "songbooks" you could play everything the octave up and you won't need a low g but you will probably find yourself going very high up the fretboard and probably running out of space on a soprano uke