View Full Version : What jingles do you play on your micro uke?

07-30-2015, 11:18 AM
Hi UU,

Thought I'd share this moment with you all.


Well it's just a short jingle, what made it great was that it's by the seaside and we all know... how much we do like to be beside the seaside and how we do like to be beside the sea.

Whilst playing some on lookers did look at me quite strangely as they saw me strumming but actually couldn't see the ItsyBitsyUke.

I'm sure they really enjoyed the jingle and one old person thought it was quite amusing.

Shortly I will be posting a video for ItsyBitsyUke #3. It's already been sold! Couldn't believe it when it happened! First sale - Yahooo!

After that ItsyBitsyUke #4 and #5 will be made. These will have a long neck 81/2 inch scale and round sound drum. I really am looking forward to this outcome because the body is still ItsyBitsy but the slightly longer neck will make it more accommodating when playing songs. Ones going to go to Canada for Research and Development purposes and the other has been bagged by another microuke fan.

I'll keep UU posted as my story develops.