View Full Version : WTB or WTT for Ono 16" Concert

08-08-2015, 09:10 AM
I am looking for an Ono 16" concert. Having owned one previously I have decided I want another. Would prefer a Koa top, but am willing to see what you have.

Anyone have one they are looking to re-home?

The following are available in some sort of trade or I will buy it outright.

KoAloha KSM-02 Koa LN Soprano
Mya-Moe Tenor Master Grade Myrtle #875

08-08-2015, 09:53 AM
You caught the Ono bug, eh? (Mandatory Canadianism)

John's Uke is sweet for sure.

08-10-2015, 11:55 AM
I have this one

Jim Hanks
08-10-2015, 03:19 PM
I have this one
Nice. That's one of the ukes that inspired me to get on the list.

08-11-2015, 02:47 AM
Jim. Did you find enough of a difference in the 16 to warrant the custom build? It would seem perfect, but does the in between really feel different.? I would think so but haven't played one. Thx.

Jim Hanks
08-11-2015, 02:51 AM
I dont have an Ono yet but my Cocobolo super concert is 16". I really like the scale. It does feel different than concert or tenor. Not a huge difference but it is noticeable.

08-11-2015, 03:10 AM
I knew that you had the Cocobolo 16. You must like it enough to stay on David's list for another 16. Good to know. You say it's noticeable. Are you able to go back to ta 15 or 17 and feel comfortable or is the 16 your new go to?

Jim Hanks
08-11-2015, 01:03 PM
Actually, my Ono build is completely up on the air as far as specs now. The only thing that is settled is the back/sides set I already picked out but David tells me it is just barely big enough to make a baritone if we want to. I now have 16", 17", and 19" scales, so it could be any of those. I have tried shorter and longer enough to now that this range in my comfort zone. Hmm, I don't have an 18". :p

The best way I can describe 16" is to put a capo on the first fret of your tenor and see if you like it.