View Full Version : Manitoba Hal and Nigel D'Eon collab: Can't You See?

08-11-2015, 04:59 PM

My good friend, Manitoba Hal Brolund, came over for our first ever collab video. We've known each other for ten years, and yes, we really do live in the same town. We play together quite often, but this is the first time we've shot a video together.

We chose The Marshall Tucker Band's single "Can'You See?" for it's bluesy feel and neat mixolydian chord sequence. I'm in A6 tuning playing A5, G6, and Dadd9. Hal is in C6 playing lead in A.

08-11-2015, 07:51 PM
I enjoyed that immensely, CulpRJ. Thank you.

08-12-2015, 01:43 AM
Really really well done gentlemen! Let's see some more!

08-12-2015, 06:15 AM
Great feel.