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08-16-2015, 08:05 AM
Hi UU,

What should I do with my spare ukelele time, should I:

Play more ukes...
Build more micro ItsyBitsyUkes...
Write about my building adventures in my new Facebook page and tell everyone in the ukelele world how much this inspires and challenges me to become even better at this task.


What about all three?

If you have a spare few minutes I would be so appreciative if UU members would take a peek at the page and if possible, give it the thumbs up and click the LIKE button.

I hope it makes for a good read. So if you've got a free moment, put your feet up, make a drink and enjoy the photos and short writeups from my trials and tribulations of building ukeleles in the ItsyBitsyUke work studio.

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Thining mahogony side blanks for bending ready for ItsyBitsyUke long neck.
More to follow...

If you read this, visited the Itsy Bitsy Uke Facebook page and clicked the LIKE button then thank you.


Follow my work on Facebook:

08-16-2015, 09:08 AM
Hey Allan, good to see your FB page up!

I've been having a lot of fun with the Itsy Bitsy uke that you kindly sent me. Bringing the wee instrument out of my backpack at a uke meetup instantly puts smiles on people's faces. I've had numerous uke players ask me to let them play a few songs on the mini uke during uke gatherings. To the delight of us all, one ukulele player finger picked the melody to one of the folk songs that our local group likes to play. The IB's notes rang out clearly and were a very lovely addition to the song that we normally all just strum.

Looking forward to your long necked model!

08-16-2015, 10:59 AM
Very cool.
I like what you are doing.
I have a two year old who always wants to strum my Pono when she comes into my practice room.
Can you give me an idea of your price for one of those little ukes?
I have let her play on a soprano but her hands and body are too small to hold it comfortably.
I hope you are not offended that I would buy it for my child but I would be teaching her how to play and not just let her knock it around.


08-16-2015, 01:00 PM
Hi Johnson,

What a great idea, there's nothing like encouraging musical development in young people from an early age.

Regarding pricing, well I'm going to post a price tomorrow after confirming the price with the development team.

I shall get back to you on that. Send me your enquiry to:


Once again a million thanks to anybody who takes part in helping to shape my ItsyBitsyUke project. Your help is sincerely appreciated.

Read all about it...

More support needed to get ItsyBitsyUke promoted. Your help is needed to increase the LIKES in the Itsy Bitsy Uke Facebook page. Take a sneek peek at:



Allan (Uk-Al-lele)