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08-23-2015, 05:14 AM
I am enjoying reading posts and this is my first day here. So... I have seen several references to UAS, and while I have come up with several ideas about what this could possibly mean, I am still clueless. I have had my uke for only a week.

Doug W
08-23-2015, 05:25 AM
Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome. It means that one never has enough ukuleles, gotta get me that other one to go with this one and of course there is that other one that has the sound that I need at other times...

08-23-2015, 06:43 PM
When I first signed up here I had to ask the same question, many times I follow the initials UAS with (ukulele acquisition syndrome) just for new people. It's also referred to as GAS-gear acquisition syndrome, and many other versions; UAAS-ukulele accessory acquisition syndrome, BUAS-bass uke acquisition syndrome, etc.

Purdy Bear
08-23-2015, 09:06 PM
Welcome to the forum Tear. I've had my first Ukulele for 1 month and 1 week, and yes I've already got a second, so don't be surprised if you get more.

08-24-2015, 01:00 AM
It took me a while to figure out what "NUD" meant... nud? Nud?!! ("New Ukulele Day").

08-24-2015, 01:19 AM
So, "NUD" is the "UAS" payoff!

08-24-2015, 01:30 AM
So, "NUD" is the "UAS" payoff!

Only if it is done ASAP with your BFF and the uke is OMG beautiful.

08-24-2015, 03:49 AM
Only if it is done ASAP with your BFF and the uke is OMG beautiful.

LOL! Nice.

08-24-2015, 07:40 PM
I don't suffer from UAS. I enjoy every second of it. And MAS (mandolins), MDAS (mountain dulcimers), LBA (lens-buying addiction), CBA (cameras), HBA (harmonicas), etc. My .sig only hints at the ailment. And I'm a pot-head. That's for Native American pottery. Wow man, dig that groovy olla!