View Full Version : 1920's Washburn Koa Soprano project

09-01-2015, 10:31 AM
A rare Koa ukulele made by Washburn / Lyon & Healy in the late 1920's. Stamped on the back of the headstock with Model # 5318 and Serial # 9257. This was one of the top of the line models at the time with a kite inlay on the headstock.

Fancy oak leaf decal on the body and original "smile" pin bridge. Original tuners and finish, which has yellowed a bit from age. Some scratches and dings. In need of repair to the top crack next to the bridge. It's the only crack that I can find and should be a rewarding repair project. I wish I had the time to complete it myself.

$350 + shipping

More photos at: http://ditson-ukulele.com/vintage-washburn-5318-koa-ukulele/