View Full Version : Three Question Interviews with Great Players giving Tips

Purdy Bear
09-07-2015, 02:29 AM
I found a great series of videos on You Tube. It's called 3 Question Interviews, with various players. They give tips on playing various ways, why they started etc:

This one is Heidi Swedberg

Here's a few more:

Del Rey

Cathy Fink

There are a load more so please go and take a look.

09-07-2015, 03:07 AM
Thanks for sharing. I have Del Rey's Blue Uke DVD....I think I need to start on it and stay on it until I "get it."

Purdy Bear
09-08-2015, 05:27 AM
This video with Dave Egen gives some great advice on how to use your hands correctly, helping you to use the weight etc to help you.