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09-07-2015, 05:40 AM
I have read all the literature I could find on the uke2heal movement and was wondering if any groups out there participate and can share some stories.
What I do know about uke2heal is that there motto is "we don't raise money, we raise spirits". I have a small group and we like to go and play in nursing homes. Preferably the lower end ones that can't pay for entertainment. We do mostly Tin Pan Alley type stuff and find that when playing for the residents, while their short term memory is gone, their long term memory is intact and we find them singing along. They are a great audience, very appreciative. We could come back the very next day and do the same songs and they would love it even more. We have also found that sometimes we run across a resident who is an excellent singer. I have been thinking about getting a wireless mic so that when we do find such a person I can pull out the mic and create a moment.

Do any other groups do this sort of thing and can you share some of your stories that might inspire others to participate in this sort of thing?