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09-17-2015, 05:49 AM
Just an update...

I am having so much fun on the ukulele, and without any concern of limiting my practice time as I must on guitar (light arthritis) I am becoming addicted, just as folks here said I would.

I am particularly loving Fred Sokokow's DVD "Blues for the Ukulele" as I am able to explore, just a bit, on blues improvisation. I have not found the first Introduction to Ukulele lesson to my liking, as it is just play along with chords, which if you are new to ukulele and a singer, you might love it. My singing causes inner ear damage to those closest to me.

I have a question about the blues ukulele:

can anyone point me to a video that shows some of the blues scales Fred references, but does not go into?

I want to master this DVD and then some! I have found some nice TAB links here, but little on the blues. Anyone else doing blues on ukulele?

Also, a bit off comment, but for other beginners: I am glad that I did not settle for my ukulele purchase and get one that I would only want to sell later. I had such a great experience with The Ukulele Site and would not have thought to have landed the quality of instrument from overseas as I have with Pono. I am grateful to all those here who helped guide me! People who see it comment on what a "beautiful instrument" it is, which, methinks, is because they were expecting a "toy" instead. :)

09-17-2015, 06:32 AM
Noodling around in a minor pentatonic can gives you hours of fun playing blues.


09-17-2015, 04:29 PM
Glen Rose has a lot of good jazz and blues videos and has published good books on the subjects as well. This is from a series of three videos:


Mike Lynch video


And a couple of links to blog posts that may be helpful: