View Full Version : Custom Baritone by Dave Talsma

09-19-2015, 02:31 PM
This is a one of a kind custom Baritone by Dave Talsma. What makes 83559835588356083561it different and rare and very special is its 21 inch scale, its very special figured mahogany body with maple rosette and bindings top and bottom, radius fretboard and the very unique spacing of the geared Gotoh 4-1 planetary tuners. All these specifications allows proper string tension for a low D set up. No Floppy D string and it sounds great. More guitar like than ukulele but sweet and mellow, with good intonation and great sustain. Pleas see pictures for full appreciation of this unique instrument.
It is in new , mint condition, built in Dec 2014 protected in a
hard case under perfect temperature and humidity conditions.
Played very little as I am most comfortable with C tuning so I play it little.
This very special uke can be yours for $1500 delivered in conus.
Thanks for looking.