View Full Version : Ready to Add Banjolele!

09-22-2015, 03:43 AM
I had some fun in recording yesterday after work.

I took the Video "Blues for the Ukulele" and recorded "Hesitation Blues" from Fred Sokolow.

Next, I added in a bass track with the Ubass I am learning. It sounds so nice!

Then, I did some percussion with the new Cajon with brushes.

Then, I added in the guitar backing...and even some background vocals.

Then, I added in a short harmonica solo.

It is just missing: banjolele.

I hope to have this by mid October:


Then, I will pass it off as my own singing! Nah, but I post this in the case where others just learning wish to copy this method. It is new for me.

To have Fred's perfect beat and be able to play the Ubass along with it, is a good learning experience. Even to strum along with his material on the DVD is different from recording it and hearing oneself play back. I have to learn to use the metronome.

I'd like to eventually record some songs without vocals as I am not a singer and the Tabs found here are helpful.

I am excited about the Banjoele and will put up a video review when it arrives.