View Full Version : What string to use for high D on baritone

03-23-2009, 06:35 AM
Hi friends,

I need to know what string to use for high D on my baritone. I have standard aquila baritone strings right now (DGBE)



03-23-2009, 06:58 AM
I simply used another E string from the same set (I used Worth so all strings were already there twice) and tuned it down to D, worked fine.

03-24-2009, 04:38 AM
I put a set of the new Worth "fat" strings on and tuned my baritone to High D. They are intended for C tuned sopranos but they give you enough length to string a baritone twice in one packet.

I did a lot of checking diameters and stuff before going for them. I didn't keep the details but they do work really well.

03-24-2009, 06:00 AM
the reason for the high D is that I want to try the tuning that Lyle Ritz uses. I bought his chord solo book...

aloha...da mousesh