View Full Version : Are Aquila Reds as thick as regular Nylguts?

10-04-2015, 03:21 AM
Decided to give the Reds a try (both the low-G U88 set and the high-G U87 set) on one of my two tenors, but was curious about their thickness before ordering them: Are they as thick as the regular Nylguts? Or noticeably thinner?

Captain Simian
10-04-2015, 04:12 AM
I think they're thinner. I have reds on on a few of my ukes and I just happen to have a set of standard nylguts floating around here somewhere. I'll compare them a little later to see.

10-04-2015, 04:26 AM
Reds are a little thinner than regular Nylguts and they're a LOT brighter/louder! Reds are the brightest string I've ever tried, if you have a uke that is dull and muted try Reds!

Ukulele Eddie
10-04-2015, 05:44 AM
They are thinner and the stings diameter varies less across the four strings than most other sets.

I know "bright" and "warm" are subjective and ill defined terms, but having had Reds on many different ukes, I think they have a warmer sound to my ear and my definition of the term.

10-04-2015, 05:56 AM
I like the Reds, they seem a bit thinner in feel and ever so brighter in tone. But my regular use strings are the regular Nylguts. If the regular Nygluts aren't available, I Use the Reds in a pinch since my local seller has great deals on the Aquilas both with lower pricing and a buy two sets, get one free offer.