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10-06-2015, 09:11 AM
Ok I put a Worth low G on my concert firefly Banjolele but it wasn't fitting on the bridge and kept slipping off when trying to tune it so I filed a tiny bit to get it to stay in the slot on the bridge but now it's buzzing.. Is it the top nut by the head stock or did I do something stupid -_- either way I feel stupid for not being able to figure it out with resources online

One Man And His Uke
10-06-2015, 09:25 AM
Does the firefly have a separate saddle? Would it be possible buy a new saddle, use the old one as a template for filing the slots for the new saddle, and go very, very steady when filing the G string saddle....:)

I've never used a low G so I presume the extra thickness of the string doesn't sit that well in a groove meant for a high G. What did you use to file by the way?

10-06-2015, 10:12 AM
Changing to low G particularly if it's unwound can certainly cause this if the slots aren't big enough. You can get another 4 string banjo saddle inexpensively and restore things to the way they were before you made the modification. If the string didn't fit the saddle slot it likely will have the same problem at the nut.

I assume the action was good before you started. Widening the nut slot for your 4th string is a bit dicier because you want to widen it without making it any deeper if your action was already optimal. You also want to keep the bottom of the slot rounded like the string. You also have keep the angle of the slot to the fretboard the same so that the string bears evenly across the slot and exits properly at the front edge where the fretboard begins.

All of this is this is tough to do without a good nut file and for me, some decent magnification so I can actually see what I am doing.

If you like a certain string and use that consistently, then ordering a nut file in the proper size from StewMac.com is a worthwhile investment. It pays to use the right tool and they are only $15 each. If you don't plan to do this very often, then paying a luthier or tech a few bucks to make the modification is probably a wise choice.

10-09-2015, 02:22 AM
If the slot in the bridge is to wide it will buzz too. Put your finger on the bridge and see if it stops, I had this happen on my tenor guitar when I changed strings. If it is too wide fill it with superglue and baking soda and refile. To check to see if you have a bad fret play every fret going up the neck to see if it stops at one fret. Good luck


10-09-2015, 03:10 AM
Is it a contact buzz or an harmonic? Have you checked the tailpiece? Is it loose or out of alignment? It may be worth putting a string suppressor between the bridge and tailpiece or a felt strip under the strings at the tailpiece to see if the buzz goes away. Have had strange buzzes on mandolins which got fixed by these tricks.

A string suppressor I use is just a short length of leather shoelace wound through the strings in front of the tailpiece. Also, found it necessary to put an under-string suppressor (similar to the under-string at tailpiece) on my Flea between the nut and tuners in irder to kill a buzz

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