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10-07-2015, 06:20 AM
I just got another OU Soprano and was eagerly awaiting it's arrival to pull off the strings and put a set that I liked but I have to say - the Rye Rabbit strings impress me - Dont know who makes them or what (chuckle) fishing line they are but they stay in tune and sound good Anyone know anything about the Rye Rabbit Strings?

Inksplosive AL
10-07-2015, 01:07 PM
Well they are $6 a set sold separately through ODU.com and come in medium or light gauge and both say they are for soprano,concert or tenor ukuleles. They are 100% fluorocarbon claim to have superior knot strength, claim a high abrasion resistance, along with a brilliant sound and are even waterproof. :cool: Each set also comes with a 2.5" diameter waterproof sticker.

String gauges between the two sets are as follows:

Light Gauge (Bright Sound)
1st: .020 inch (.520mm)
2nd: .028 inch (.660mm)
3rd: .030 inch (.760mm)
4th: .024 inch (.620mm)

Medium Gauge (Warm Sound)
1st: .024 inch (.620mm)
2nd: .030 inch (.760mm)
3rd: .032 inch (.810mm)
4th: .028 inch (.660mm)


There are threads on UU stating which weight fishing leader is which size string. Maybe a further search of this site will answer your question completely.


BTW my current player a KA SEM has a very odd smell from the fretboard or strings lately. My 20's Harmony ukulele has a very interesting smell as well. Everything still tastes fine!