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10-11-2015, 03:34 PM
A few years ago, I gave 10 inexpensive Soprano ukuleles to my grandchildren. Most have been stuffed under the bed of the respective owners. One Granddaughter is now a college Freshman and she said that she would like a better ukulele for her 19th birthday.

She lives in Texas so I'll probably order from HMS and have it shipped direct to her.

I'm considering the gloss Acacia Soprano because I have had experience with Pono before and believe that they make a quality product, but I have never heard one of these soprano ukes.

What kind of tuners does it come with? There is nothing about tuners on the ukulelesite. What strings come on it? What strings are recommended for it? If anyone has experience with this ukulele, please give us your review.

10-11-2015, 04:56 PM
Can you email or call HMS and ask an agent there?

10-12-2015, 01:39 AM
Can you email or call HMS and ask an agent there?

I'll call them later.

03-21-2016, 07:02 PM
Did you manage to get a hold of hms? I ordered myself this exact ukulele.....I love it! I am actually wondering what strings come stock on it because its way past due for a string change! did you find out anything yet?

03-22-2016, 03:09 AM
Mine (which I ordered from Mim, but I'm assuming HMS is not upgrading the tuners automatically) came with friction tuners. I've been happy with it but I'm planning to switch out the strings with which it shipped as I've not been overly impressed with them. It's a lovely little uke though!

03-22-2016, 08:29 AM
I recently acquired a Pono acacia concert. I play left-handed so stock strings pretty much always end up coming straight off. Not sure exactly what they were but I remember they looked like clear fluorocarbons with a slight purple-ish tint.

I put Fremont blacklines on my Pono and they sound great. I've used medium tension on a concert, put previously have put the hard ones on a soprano uke and have noticed an increase in projection and sustain.

03-22-2016, 10:33 AM
There's a very clear picture of the friction tuners here:

I would guess the strings are Ko'olau Alohi's...great birthday present!!!