View Full Version : Trade Anyone?

03-26-2009, 12:26 PM
I have a Solid koa top/solid mahaghany back and sides Mele Tenor Ukulele with fishman pick-up. I bought the uke with a pick-up to play with the church praise team and realized that ukulele and the gospel music sound don't really mix. Ukulele and Worship mixes good. So I am wanting to trade my baby for a solid koa tenor. I am willing to let some cash go as well since I am wanting one of the following in order of preference:

KoAloha tenor
Mele solid koa tenor
Kamaka tenor
Kanilea tenor
Or any other comparable trades but please don't insult me b/c I am happy with what I already have.

I am looking for a solid koa uke with out a pick-up.
If my memory serves me correctly I payed around $750 for everything uke(, pick-up($200 alone), and deluxe hard case ($80).

I am looking for an equal value trade or i can throw some cash in to make up difference. If you are interested PM me.