View Full Version : KoAloha "Giraffe" Tenor scale soprano with Misi pickup/preamp and hard case

10-28-2015, 04:08 AM
Hi all, I am selling this sweet little thing for no other reason than me trying to keep with the one in, one out rule. I just bought Hollis's Mya Moe 6er and am making room.

This is tenor scale, very comfy and the intonation is super good throughout the neck. I bought this because I had a chance to play a few KoAlohas and I found that amplified, the soprano was less prone to feedback and just generally sounded better amplified than the tenor body with the same pickup IMO. (tenor was boomy)

Its an all Koa body, with Saple neck, purchased from the Ukulele site by me, its only owner.

There are a couple of small scratches and dents, but I am having a hard time photographing them.

I have not posted here much, but I have plenty of references. I am an forum administrator on a well established bass forum (I am primarily a bassist) and have plenty of feedback in the usual places.

Anyway, PM me with any questions. Price is $700 USD including shipping to continental US, anywhere else probably is fine unless its crazy expensive then we can talk about it.



10-31-2015, 07:33 AM
Accepting offers, don't be scared. 84850

11-01-2015, 08:59 PM
Accepting offers, don't be scared. 84850

See PM just messaged you :)

11-09-2015, 07:29 PM
This sweet unit is still on the market. Super good intonation up and down the neck.

11-11-2015, 10:04 PM
As some members may be reluctant to purchase from a 'newbie' to the UU, I just wanted to post a testimonial for Tim (aka live_bass). During our transaction when he was purchasing my Mya Moe 6 string tenor I found that he was very easy to deal with, exhibited a lot of common sense and communicated very well. Members here should have no reservations purchasing the instrument he has for sale now in the Marketplace.

11-23-2015, 02:53 PM
What? No one has grabbed this yet? At this price?

12-18-2015, 08:39 PM
Price drop bump.

12-22-2015, 06:41 PM
Good God Tim, people must be nuts not to have grabbed this by now!

Tommy B
12-24-2015, 05:56 AM
Good God Tim, people must be nuts not to have grabbed this by now!

I agree. These tenor-scale KoAloha sopranos are amazing sounding ukes, and this one is a steal with the pickup.

Croaky Keith
12-24-2015, 06:58 AM
Maybe just the wrong time of year, people likely have other priorities for their money.

12-25-2015, 08:45 PM
Does anyone think it would help if I uploaded a video? It really does sound just like the one in this (https://vimeo.com/147625026) video.

Croaky Keith
12-25-2015, 11:01 PM
A video of the actual uke would probably help, also pictures.

12-28-2015, 06:25 PM
Here is a short video that shows the sound first coming acoustically, then through a small guitar amp with an 8" speaker a few feet below the mic.


Roy Jovero
01-06-2016, 08:30 AM
Still available? And how firm is the price?

01-11-2016, 05:08 AM
hi All, this sold last night locally. Thanks everyone for the interest and input.