View Full Version : Trade LFDM for a similar quality Concert sized

mark howard
11-01-2015, 06:25 AM
obviously totally stagnant market, no cash and no trades, oh well it was worth a try...... closing thread to save me checking constantly, i'm sure it will get a play every now and then.

Hi all

recently posted a for sale on the LFDM, due to Classical guitar bug taking hold, the sales market seems quite slow, so offered for trade against a similar quality Concert sized uke, I will be travelling a lot next year with work, my Ramirez guitar needs a seat to travel, a tenor won't fit in my camera rucksack, but my crappy no name concert will, most of all the assignments i'm on next year will be using rented cameras in country, I can take my rucksack/laptop and a decent concert sized uke,
as carry on,I know a soprano will fit, but having fallen in love with Classical/flamenco guitar I am more in tune with the deeper sound, drop me a line with any possible trades,

I am UK based.

more pics on request

thanks Mark


zericote back and sides
Engelman spruce top. Luis Feu de Mesquita Tenor Ukaferri style ukulele it has a radius fret board, and the LDFM slotted headstock, currently strung with Worth flurocabons for CEA and a Fremont Soloist Squeakless Wound Low G, the Worth combo with the Fremont work really well together, it's an amazing sounding uke and build is what you would expect from LFDM

11-01-2015, 09:36 AM
What is price for simple sale?

mark howard
11-05-2015, 09:52 PM
No takers ??????

straight sale offers in the region of 1200 ish, I have my eye on a Concert sized for about that price,

I forgot to mention, it does have a hardshell case.

thanks Mark

mark howard
11-07-2015, 06:44 AM
Bump, price drop 1050, free shipping in Uk,